First weekend of spring

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September 2, 2018
Apricot Tree
Grape Hyacinths (and weeds) in the path.
Violet Cordial

I made violet cordial last weekend. Look at what a startling colour it is! This is done by:

1.) picking many violet flowers (no stems)

2.) covering them in water in a pot and bringing them to the boil

3.) leaving them to cool (all the colour will leach out)

4.) strain the liquid into a measuring jug

5.) add 1 part sugar to 1 part violet liquid and lemon juice to taste (the lemon juice will cause the bluish liquid to go the colour you see pictured

6.) bring to the boil, stirring until the sugar has dissolved

7.) bottle in sterilised glass bottle or jar

The colour is exciting, but I must say I am a bit disappointed with the taste. It is sweet and not floral enough. There is a hint of violets, but mostly just the taste of sugar.  Perhaps I have made it too late in the violet season and the scent has lessened?